Sean-Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution are an engaging group of experienced musicians who perform a high-spirited variant of bluegrass so dynamic, it can only be described as exactly that: a newgrass revolution. The Pennsylvania-based ensemble pulls from the traditional styles of bluegrass, rock, and blues, and injects them with a unique sense of soul to create lifelike music—songs that sweat, cry, and bleed. Sean-Patrick and his crew of newgrass pioneers resound with an undeniable humanity every time they set out to play.

     Taking the helm at guitar, banjo and lead vocals is the man himself, Sean-Patrick. Singer-songwriter Sean-Patrick writes remarkable pieces of music. His poise and visionary leadership have fortified the band’s fanbase, as well as their reputation. In a scene oversaturated with recognizable melodies and traditional covers, the Newgrass Revolution are truly a breath of fresh air. 

     The unbelievably stacked supporting cast consists of Paul Dolak, a versatile electric/upright bass player, and percussionist Kyle Hessinger, to round out a relentless rhythm section.

The band was recently signed to Lakehouse Records, a partnership which has yielded two critically acclaimed albums: About Time (2015), and One More Nail (2016).

If you are looking for something soulful and real, something sad and true, or just something to help you enjoy your day then look no further.



Sean-Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution